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TOA news
10 July 2023
Author : Joen Doe

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TOA news
10 July 2023
Auteur : Joen Doe

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Two companies within the pan-African AXIAN Group have received the Top Employer 2023 certification in Madagascar from the Top Employers Institute. Telma Madagascar, the leading telecom operator in the country, has been certified for the second consecutive year, while Towerco of Madagascar, the leading Tower Company in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean region, has been certified for the first time. This internationally recognized double certification highlights AXIAN’s ongoing commitment to its employees and its ambition to certify more of its subsidiaries.

The international “Top Employer” certification from the Top Employers Institute recognizes Telma Madagascar, the leading telecom operator in the country, and Towerco of Madagascar (TOM), the leading Tower Company in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean region, for their commitment to their employees and acknowledges the excellence of their HR practices as benchmark employers in Madagascar. This dual certification within the group emphasizes AXIAN’s commitment to listening to its employees and being a reference in terms of positive impact on the daily lives of many.

AXIAN Group considers human resources as one of the strategic pillars of its development. In the long term, it aims to certify more of its subsidiaries to be recognized as a reference employer group in Africa.

Certified Top Employers organizations commit to providing the best possible work environment for their employees through innovative HR practices that prioritize human well-being. The certification is awarded after a thorough investigation covering 6 major HR areas divided into 20 themes such as talent management strategy, work environment, talent acquisition, training and skill development, well-being at work, diversity, and inclusion.

“I am delighted to see two companies within the AXIAN Group named Top Employer 2023: Telma Madagascar for the second consecutive year, and TOM for the first time this year. Congratulations to the HR teams for their commitment. This confirms the group’s ongoing commitment to placing its employees and their professional development at the heart of its priorities.” – Hassanein HIRIDJEE, CEO of the AXIAN Group. “I would like to extend my congratulations to the HR teams and managers of Telma Madagascar and TOM for their Top Employer certification. The Human Resources Department of the AXIAN Group is committed to placing its 6,500 employees at the center of its actions and is committed to a sustainable process of certifying its subsidiaries.” – Gaël VOCA, Employee Experience Director of the AXIAN Group.


Telma Madagascar is a company within the AXIAN Group.

Telma Madagascar is the leading telecommunications operator in the country. As a pioneer of 5G technology in Madagascar and Africa, Telma deploys cutting-edge infrastructure and technologies to provide the best in telecoms, information, and entertainment to its customers. As an innovation leader in Madagascar, Telma is committed to making every Malagasy citizen a part of the digital world and ensuring that no one is left behind in the global digital revolution.


Towerco of Madagascar (TOM) is a tower company responsible for the construction and operation of passive telecommunications infrastructure on behalf of its clients, primarily mobile network operators. With over 1,500 sites and coverage in 23 regions in Madagascar, TOM is the leading Tower Company in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean region. TOM is a company within the AXIAN Group.


AXIAN is a pan-African group operating in 10 countries and specializing in 5 high-potential sectors: telecommunications, financial services, energy, real estate, and open innovation. AXIAN acts as a partner in the socio-economic transformation of the countries in which it operates. With its 6,000 bold and passionate employees, it consistently ensures the sustainable and positive impact of its activities on the daily lives of millions of Africans. The AXIAN Group is part of the United Nations Global Compact initiative and is committed to integrating its 10 principles at the core of its present and future strategies and activities. Learn more about AXIAN:


The Top Employers Institute is the international authority that certifies excellence in HR practices. It contributes to accelerating the impact of these practices to improve the world of work. The Top Employers Institute’s Certification Program allows participating organizations to be validated, certified, and recognized as benchmark employers. Established over 30 years ago, the Top Employers Institute has certified 2,053 organizations in 121 countries. These certified Top Employers have a positive impact on the lives of over 9.5 million employees worldwide. “Top Employers Institute. For a better world of work.”